Murder Mystery 5k Scavenger Hunt - Austin, TX

Saturday 3rd February 2018

Wooldridge Square: 900 Guadalupe St, Austin, United States

Scavenger hunt, 5K


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Riddles or DARES?

Jois us for Murder Mystery Scavenger Hunt!


Murder Mystery Scavenger Hunt is a team event where you will use your detective skills to unravel the dramatic chain of events in order solve the mystery of the murder! 

Solve a RIDDLE or do a DARE to unlock clues. Clues will give you puzzle pieces to solve the mystery. 

Do you have what it takes?

Event details and schedule


Age Requirements

We love everyone of all ages. However, 15&up is required to register. 14 & below may participate free of charge and at your own risk. Riddles, Challenges, and DARES are fun and safe for ALMOST everyone but they are PG rated. Have a baby or a toddler? Hey, why not bring a stroller? Well, if you’re up for it!

Team Requirements

Teams consist of 2-4 members but you may have as many members as you wish for your team. However, for more FUN, CHALLENGE, and EXCITEMENT; we suggest you stay within 2-4 members. You have 5 people? Great, do 2 and 3 and compete against each other! Why not? Let’s create tension and build COMPETITION!

This is a great event for those rival siblings, competitive family members, friends, couples, and who knows maybe your team pet! How about we DARE you to COMPETE against your parents! Now, that’s an interesting idea.

Zappar App

To make this Scavenger Hunt stand out from our competitors, your uncle Louie’s yearly family reunion Scavenger Hunt, AND to save trees,  we added our RIDDLES and DARES to the Zappar Augmented Reality app. You may download the app and CLICK HERE for practice zapcode to get you started and sharpen your critical thinking skills. By downloading the app prior to the race, it will help speed up your learning curve during the race. (We are working on making this as easy as possible. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.)

TRANSPORTATION during the race

How is this a 5k? Well, my friend, this scavenger hunt is spread out within 3.1 mile (5k) radius from the check-in location. You may walk, run, or use public transportation (buses, trolleys, cable cars, trains, but no Uber, Lyft, or Taxis) to get to your destination. We are not responsible for your transportation fees. 


There will be RIDDLES and DARES at most locations. You will be required to answer the RIDDLES to unlock the CLUES. Low on points? or Just that competitive beasts looking to take home the 1st place prize? We DARE you to complete the DARES! Do the DARE at your own risk… bahahaha. CHALLENGES. There will be couple of locations where RIDDLES and DARES will not be available. To unlock the CLUES at these locations, you will have to complete a CHALLENGE. Sample CHALLENGES are but not limited to, “Are you smarter than a 5th grader?”, “Family and Friends Feud”, Soda CHALLENGE, and who knows what’s been requested! Ready to get wet? JK! I think! I don’t know. 

Cell phones battery and data

You will be required to use your OWN cell phone during the race. Only ONE cell phone is needed during the race. Please be sure to fully charge your phone the night before. This is not the time for your phone to die on you. We will not be responsible for phone DATA. If you or your team members does not have unlimited DATA or are short on internet data, you might want to think twice. This race depends heavily on your phone. 


Tickets Terms & Conditions

Hey, are you excited as I am to sign up and explore the city with your family and friends? Before you do, let’s take a SELFIE! JK! Let’s go over the details to see what you’re getting yourself into. Please, click here to read our Ticket Terms & Conditions. 


Organised by

Winer Events

2023 S. Spruce St, Santa Ana

Phone: 9495376655

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