Physique War 2018 + Muscle War 2018

Saturday 7th April 2018

University Cultural Centre: NUS, Singapore



  • Apply - One Division Only (MC, MP, WB or WS)
  • Apply - Men's Classic Physique (MC) AND Men's Physique (MP)


FM League Physique War 2018 and FM League Muscle War 2018 are Singapore's premier physique sports championships for Junior and Teen athletes.

They are run by Fitness Movement League, Singapore's main physique sports league, which represents 80% of all competitive fitness models and bodybuilders nationwide. FM League supports the aspirations of over a thousand local physique sports athletes, including all national champions, and organises the largest and most prestigious events for the sport in Singapore.

The two championships will be on Sunday 8 April at the University Cultural Centre (UCC) at the National University of Singapore. Athletes should be available on Saturday 7 April for preparatory segments. The final schedule will vary based on athlete numbers.


Event details and schedule

DOWNLOAD:  Information Packet  |  Venue  |  Division Name Changes

Read the Information Packet!

- Crossover Rules:

  • Crossover Allowed in One Situation: You can enter Men's Classic Physique (MC) in Muscle War AND Men's Physique (MP) in Physique War. Note that you must pay double the application fee to enter both.
  • If you applied for MP and want to add MC (or vice versa), submit another application. You can also apply for both at the same time. (It costs the same either way.)
  • If you decide to add the other division AFTER application fees have increased, you pay the increased fee for the division you add.

- About the Application:

  • Open to all nationalities.
  • Application Deadline is 28 February 2018.
  • This online application is for Individual divisions only.
  • You must pay double application fees if you are entering both MC and MP.
  • Athletes under 18 must submit a Parental Consent Form (in the Information Packet).

- About the Team division:

  • Athletes can also enter Team division regardless of the Individual division they enter.
  • For the Team division, submit the Team Application Form (in the Information Packet).

- Application Fee is:

  • $60 for one submission by 15 December.
  • $90 for one submission by 15 January.
  • $120 for one submission by 28 February.
  • Non-refundable even if your application is rejected.
  • Non-transferable and cannot be credited towards another event or any ticket purchase.

- Athlete Briefings:

  • Pre-Event Briefing on Sat 10 March 12-5pm. Athletes living in Singapore MUST attend.
  • Event Briefing on Sat 7 April. ALL ATHLETES MUST ATTEND.
  • At Event Briefing you get your number tags & passes.

- Spray-Tanning and Artificial Body Colouring:

  • You must use professional spray-tanning for artificial body colouring.
  • No self-applied oils allowed, including baby oil, Dream Tan, Pro-Tan, etc.
  • At Physique War and Muscle War you are encouraged but not required to use the official spray-tanning vendor (Pink Parlour).
  • At Nationals, you are required to use the official spray-tanning vendor.

- Stage Photography:

  • Cameras are not allowed inside the auditorium.
  • Only the official photography vendor can take professional quality stage photos.
  • You can purchase the stage photography package at either athlete briefing.

For enquiries email:

Organised by

Fitness Movement League

406A Joo Chiat Road, Singapore

Phone: 63482289

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