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LET'S GO HAITI (LGH) MARATHON is the company behind the Port-au-Prince, Haiti Marathon and half. The annual race is the only marathon and Half in Haiti and takes place every February after the Haiti carnival. It is a movement designed to encourage the healthy lifestyle in Haiti, give the youth a different option other than soccer to better their lives (since there's a tremendous lack of jobs available), make running popular in Haiti and (most importantly) keep people (tourists/international runners) coming back to visit and enjoy the beautiful Island.

Haiti's arms are open to the adventurous, open minded and curious people of the world to come experience its great culture, food, unspoiled white sandy beaches, rum, prestige beer, fun-loving people and most of all a chance to really unwind. Get ready for a lot of fun, music, art, drum beats, food, competition and look forward to an awesome run under the sun together with some cool Haitians.


Some of the hotels are within walking distance from the start and finish lines. There will be scheduled pick ups at the participating hotels to drop runners off at the starting line and back to their hotels.

HOTEL & TRAVELS - In an effort to better serve our participants, we are working in conjunction with many of the country's Ministries; particularly tourism as well as some of the hotels and tour guide companies around the country to be able to show you around and leave you with a factual and accurate history of the country.

Royal Oasis Hotel is the Official Headquarters for the upcoming 2018 Port-au-Prince Marathon. CLICK the following link!package-details/c1h1l to reserve your trip package for 2018.

It is possible to participate in The PAP, LGH Marathon without arranging a trip package, but we recommend for those who would like to see more, stay longer in the country and who are having last minute logistical issues; to please, click the following link!packages/c4da for more details.


Our ultimate goal is capturing the spirit of the Haitian people, displaying their culture, introducing international athletes to some of the most awe-inspiring terrain in the Western Hemisphere, all in efforts to restore the Island's image as a tourist destination while inspiring the youth through sports. We seek to foster track and filed in the majority of the school curriculums in Haiti to develop future (track and field) talents, serious professional runners to showcase their skills around the world and eventually replace some of the all-time worst times on the Olympics set by previous Haitian athletes in the early 70s and 80s, many of which are still standing today. 

Your donations are also a huge help and have been changing lives. Your donations help us to continue to bring this amazing event to Haiti and provide MAXIMUM support and assistance to the communities in need.


Event details and schedule

Event Entry Requirements:

The 2018, LGH Port-au-Prince Marathon & Half has a required maximum net finish time of 8 hours. 

Race starts at 5:00am February 25, 2018, Full & Half marathon.

Participants must be 18 years or older on race day, February 25, 2018 to register. Participants 17 years of age must have a statement signed by their parents or legal guardians permitting them to participate.

Sale and/or transfer of race entries/bib numbers is strictly prohibited. All entry fees for this year's marathon are non-refundable, and may not be deferred toward a future event. There are NO exceptions. 


⚫ wear your bib number on race day


⚫ not to forcefully bend, crease, or fold your bib

⚫ not to exchange your bib with another runner

⚫ nobody else may wear your bib

⚫ secure your bib on the front of your torso

⚫ not to cross the finish line twice

⚫ not to go back on any part of the race course


Organised by

Let's Go Haiti Marathon

625 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn

Phone: 6465244754

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