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Thursday 5th July 2018

Dallas/White Rock Lake: WRL / Dallas, Dallas, United States

Cycling, Mountain biking


  • Bike Clinic - Individual
  • Bike Clinic - Tri-Now Member


Push, Flip, Click© 

Get to know your bike and learn valuable skills to make you a stronger cyclist.  Cycling is the most technical of all 3 triathlon disciplines.  It also comprises the largest portion of a race.  Learning these skills can take your event to the next level!

  • learn the parts of your bike and how they can work for you
  • maintenance
  • efficient pedaling mechanics
  • drills to help build a solid training foundation.

Clinic is approx 1.5 hours

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Organised by

Tri-Now endurance

8710 San Benito Way, Dallas

Phone: 214-546-9568

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