Quest Glendalough 2019

Saturday 6th April 2019

Glendalough: Wicklow National Park, Glendalough, Ireland

Adventure Racing


  • Expert 57K Route - Wave 1 - Elite/Runner
  • Expert 57K Route - Wave 2 - Runner/Jogger
  • Sport 41K Route - Wave 3 - Elite/Runner
  • Sport 41K Route - Wave 4 - Runner/Jogger
  • Sport 41K Route - Wave 5 - Runner/Jogger
  • Sport 41K Route - Wave 6 - Runner/Jogger
  • Challenge 19K Route - Wave 7 - Runner/Jogger


Quest Glendalough takes place in one of the world’s most famous monastic site and national park. Glendalough is located in the heart of the Wicklow Mountains and National Park.

Participants will run and cycle across the rugged Wicklow Mountains and kayak under the mystical shadow of the Glendalough round tower.

Quest Glendalough has 3 stunning routes to suit all levels of fitness: 57k Expert, 41km Sport and 19k Challenge. The routes showcase the unspoilt beauty in what is known as “the Garden of Ireland” on Ireland's Ancient East.

Event details and schedule

Quest Glendalough takes place on the 6th April 2019. With 3 different routes for all adventurers, the 57K Expert route, the 41K Sport route and the 19K Challenge Route. Waves times are subject to change.

Organised by

Elite Event Management

Rockfield, Tralee Road, Killarney

Phone: 0876024621

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