Have you got what it takes to be stranded in a mystery beach/woodland location and swapping life’s luxuries for bare basics?

I’m NOT a celebrity and I have to stay there… You won’t be able to shout “get me out of here” during your challenges but you will be able to experience the wilderness (and most importantly LOADS of fun) with our exciting Castaway event.

You will reach your mystery location by speedboats kindly supplied by Powerboat Training UK and Poole Boat Hire. Whether you come as an individual, or a team, it’s a great event for having lots of fun and making new friends for life, you will not want the event to finish.

During the five days the challenge will contain fundamental survival techniques:

  • Natural shelter building
  • Fire lighting techniques
  • Sea life-raft survival skills training
  • Navigate by sun and stars
  • Plus much more .........


Event details and schedule

Organised by

The Royal British Legion

199 Borough High Street, London

Phone: 020 3207 2273

Event Images