Run or Dye Sunday 30th June 2019 - Penshurst Place Kent.

Sunday 30th June 2019

Penshurst Place: Kent, Tonbridge, United Kingdom

Running, Distance running


  • 5K RUNNER - Individual Runners (5K)
  • 5K RUNNER - Mini Runners 5K (6years and under)
  • 5K RUNNER - Family Team Runners (5K)
  • 5K RUNNER - FREE Charity Runner in support of GOSH (5K)
  • 5K RUNNER - VIP Package (5K)
  • 3.5K RUNNERS - Individual Runners (3.5K)
  • 3.5K RUNNERS - Mini Runners 3.5K (6years and under)
  • 3.5K RUNNERS - Family Team Runners (3.5K)
  • 3.5K RUNNERS - FREE Charity Runner in support of GOSH (3.5K)
  • 3.5K RUNNERS - VIP Package (3.5K)
  • 1K RUNNERS - Mini Runner 1K (6 years and under)
  • 1K RUNNERS - Individual Runner - Adult (1K)
  • 1K RUNNERS - Individual Runner - Additional Adult (1K)


What is Run or Dye?

 Run or Dye is the world's most colourful fun run! 5K, 3.5K and IK mini dash.

Participating in Run or Dye sends an important message: that you're all about living life in full colour! At our colourful event, you'll get blasted with safe, eco-friendly, powdered dye...turning you into a technicolour canvas of fun. Plus, there's a huge party afterward, where you "Dye the Sky" with the free dye packet your receive. The result? Run or Dye is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you'll love.

Here are our rules to dye by..

1. Don't Worry, Dye Happy!  Run or Dye is for everyone. It doesn't matter if you're a triathlete or a recovering couch potato...7 or 70...a butcher, a baker, or a candlestick maker.  Run or Dye is all about celebrating YOU just the way you are!

2. You Are Your Own Canvas. Wear what you want! Light colours will show off all that awesome dye, or come in a crazy costume -- a thrift store tux, leopard print pajamas, or an old wedding dress. No matter what your wearing, our Dye Crew will turn you into a colourful sight to behold!

3. Tell Your Friends! Remember: friends don't let friends dye alone! So tell everyone you know and bring a group to the most colourful fun run that's ever hit your city!

Event details and schedule

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Matrix Events Ltd


Phone: 01892 870731

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