• Children's 1 Mile Fun Run - Individual Age group/open
  • 5 Mile Beach Race - Individual Age group/open
  • Running-5 Mile Masters (40 years old and up) - Individual Age group/open


This will be our 40th year of holding the annual Salisbury Beach Lifeguard 5 Mile Beach Race. In this unique race, we will run along the water's edge at low tide on hard packed sand. This is similar to running along the road and as always running shoes are optional (BAREFOOT RUNNERS!!) This year the stars and moon literally align to let us hold the race on the weekend so we expect a large turnout. We will run the loop course 2.5 miles up our beautiful beach while the sun begins to set, with splits and water available at regular intervals. This is a small race and vendors from Salisbury center will be providing some refeshments after the race. There will also be vendor gift certificates and prizes given away to participants and winners.

The Children's Fun Run is also run along the water's edge and is approximately 3/4 to a mile long that is also run in a loop format. 

Afterwards join us for some drinks, food and prizes donated by our supportive vendors.

Event details and schedule

The Children's Fun Run will begin at 6:15 pm.

The 5 Mile Beach Race will begin at 6:30 pm

Afterwards we will award ribbons and prizes to the winners along with pizza and refeshments

Organised by

Salisbury Beach Lifeguards

State Beach Road, Salisbury Beach State Reservation, Salisbury

Phone: 978-204-3164