• Active or Retired Army Warrant Officers (discount-no shirt) - Active or Retired Army Warrant Officers (discount-no shirt)
  • 5K Minors Age 0-17(discount-no shirt) - Minors Individual Age 0-17(discount-no shirt)
  • 5K Males Age 18-30(discount-no shirt) - Individual Male Age 18-30(discount-no shirt)
  • 5K Females Age 18-30(discount-no shirt) - Individual Female Age 18-30(discount-no shirt)
  • 5K Males Age 31-40(discount-no shirt) - Individual Male Age 31-(discount-no shirt)
  • 5K Females Age 31-40(discount-no shirt) - Individual Female Age 31-40(discount-no shirt)
  • 5K Males Age 41-50(discount-no shirt) - Individual Male Age 41-50(discount-no shirt)
  • 5K Females Age 41-50(discount-no shirt) - Individual Female Age 41-50(discount-no shirt)
  • 5K Males Age 51 and Over(discount-no shirt) - Individual Male Age 51 and Over(discount-no shirt)
  • 5K Females Age 51 and Over(discount-no shirt) - Individual Female Age 51 and Over(discount-no shirt)


***Event SOLD OUT***  There are a limited number or slots available at the reduced price of $15.00 that will not come with a race shirt.  These will go quick, so hurry and sign up if you are still interested.     

     Can you put on your war paint and harness your inner Soldier?  This 5k run/jog/walk event is celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Army Warrant Officer Cohort.  Can you catch the Chief? Chief Warrant Officer that is!  While you are running in a blue race shirt, the Warrant Officers won't be hard to spot in their red shirts.  Once you get them in your sights, catch them and finish before them to earn an "I beat the Chief" sticker for bragging rights!

Event details and schedule

    The course starts and stops on the North side on the river greenbelt in Julia Davis Park, across the river from the Boise State University stadium.  At 8:00 a.m. you will begin by running West along the beautiful Boise greenbelt until you cross the river and enter into Ann Morrison Park, then turning back east until you hit Broadway Avenue, and finally cross the bridge back into Julia Davis Park to end the race.

Organised by

Army Warrant Officers Association - Gem State Chapter

4061 E. Arch Dr., Meridian

Phone: 208-604-2904