South Island Half Marathon - 4th August 2019

Sunday 4th August 2019

Lake Hood Ashburton: Huntingdon, Ashburton, New Zealand

Distance running, Running, Half marathon


  • Half Marathon (21km) - Running/Hybrid/Walking - Runners - Individual - 21km
  • Half Marathon (21km) - Running/Hybrid/Walking - Hybrid - Individual - 21km
  • Half Marathon (21km) - Running/Hybrid/Walking - Walkers - Individual - 21km
  • 1/6 Marathon - 7kms - Running/Walking - Runners - Individual - 7km
  • 1/6 Marathon - 7kms - Running/Walking - Walkers - Individual - 7km
  • Running-Kidz Dash - 1.5km - Kidz Dash - 1.5km


Sunday 4th August 2019 - Lake Hood

Half Marathon

  • Run
  • Walk


1/6th Marathon
  • Run
  • Walk
 Kidz Dash
  • 7 - 13 year olds

The South Island Half Marathon is being held on Sunday 4th of August 2019 at Lake Hood Ashburton. This beautiful lake will host the South Island Half Marathon and 1/6 Marathon.

Held in the beautiful Lake Hood catchment, the run will see runners run around the lake and experience amazing water views throughout the run.  Then some of the most amazing home and garden settings and reserves in the South Island.

South Island Half Marathon will cater for all runners; whether you’re a beginner or an elite runner, this fast-flat course will give you the opportunity to do one of the fastest half’s you’ve ever done.

There will be a walking section in both the ½ and 1/6 marathon.  With the Kidz Dash being a 3km run, giving them a flavour of the experience of running at the lake and subdivision. 

Event details and schedule

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