Spring Cycle 2018

Sunday 14th October 2018

St Leonard's Park: Miller Street, North Sydney, Australia



  • 10km City Ride - Adult
  • 10km City Ride - Child on own bike
  • 10km City Ride - Child on parents bike
  • 18km River Ride - Adult
  • 18km River Ride - Child on own bike
  • 18km River Ride - Child on parents bike
  • 50km Classic Ride - Adult
  • 50km Classic Ride - Child on own bike
  • 50km Classic Ride - Child on parents bike
  • 105km Challenge Ride - Adult


Spring Cycle 2018


Ride the Harbour Bridge on the one day of the year when traffic stops and bike riders rule the city. Experience the thrill of pedalling over the Sydney Harbour Bridge, past the Sydney Opera House, through the Rocks, into Barangaroo and into some of our best parks. Roll through Sydney with 10,000 riders under event-controlled conditions suitable for all ages and skill levels. Choose between the 10km Sydney City Ride, 18km River Ride, 50km Classic Ride or test yourself on the 105km Challenge Ride.


Don’t miss out on the day bicycles get priority and join Bicycle NSW on Sunday October 14th. Show your colours for cycling. Let’s make it easy to ride. If you ride a bike; you’re with us. #SpringCycle


Spring Cycle, presented by Bicycle NSW (bicyclensw.org.au/springcycle.com.au )

Any rider aged 18 years or younger on the day of the Spring Cycle must be accompanied by a Parent/Guardian, as nominated at the time of registration

Event details and schedule

The 10km City Ride is ideal for families and novice riders who want to experience the thrill of riding over the Sydney Harbour Bridge and past some of Sydney’s most iconic landmarks including the Sydney Opera House and historic Rocks area. Celebrate your Spring Cycle success with a coffee, food or enjoy all the entertainment at the festival finish in Pirrama Park, Pyrmont.

The 18km River Ride was new last year and it was a mssive success. This ride will be ideal for families out in the Western Suburbs of Sydney as it will explore the cycleway between Parramatta and Sydney Olympic Park. 

The 50km Challenge Ride is for those who are looking for an adventure. This route takes in the best of the 10km Sydney City Ride including riding over the spectacular Harbour Bridge, past the Opera House and historic Rocks area, before exploring the diverse Inner West and venturing out to Sydney Olympic Park for a festival finish and cycling expo.

Challenge your cycling performance with a century plus by riding greater Sydney. Clock up 50kms riding across the Sydney Harbour Bridge, past the Sydney Opera House and traversing the diverse Inner West before taking your challenge out to Western Sydney Parklands via picturesque Parramatta and Prospect Dam. Return for your festival finish and cycling expo at Sydney Olympic Park.

Organised by

Bicycle NSW

Bicentennial Drive, Bicentennial Park, Sydney Olympic Park

Phone: 1800 555 514

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