SwimVacation BVI April 8-14, 2018

Sunday 8th April 2018

Road Harbor: Village Cay Marina, Road Town, Virgin Islands, British

Open water swimming


  • SwimVacation Staterooms - Shared Stateroom
  • SwimVacation Staterooms - Queen Stateroom
  • SwimVacation Staterooms - Queen Stateroom Single Occupancy
  • SwimVacation Staterooms - Master Stateroom


SwimVacation is a 7-day open water swimming  adventure aboard a big sailing yacht in the British Virgin Islands.  Explore the crystal clear waters of the Islands, increase your fitness level, and improve your stroke during daily guided ocean swims.  Enjoy freshly prepared gourmet meals and sip Caribbean cocktails after training and playing in the sea.

Event details and schedule

The trip starts at  5pm on Sunday, April 4th. Your guides will meet you in the restaurant area of the Village Cay Marina In Road Town, Tortola, BVI. The yacht returns to the marina late in the evening on Friday, April 13th. Guests must disembark before noon on Saturday, March 19th.

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