Telcel Mexico City Marathon 2018

Sunday 26th August 2018

Hemiciclo a Juarez: Av. Juárez s/n, Cuauhtémoc, Centro, 06010 Ciudad de México, CDMX, CDMX, Mexico

Distance running, Running, Marathon


  • 18 a 34 years - 18 to 34 years
  • 35 a 39 años - 35 to 39 years
  • 40 a 44 years - 40 to 44 years
  • 45 a 49 years - 45 to 49 years
  • 50 a 54 years - 50 to 54 years
  • 55 a 59 years - 55 to 59 years
  • 60 a 64 years - 60 to 64 years
  • 65 years and over - 65 years and over
  • Weelchair - Weelchair
  • Visually Impaired - Visually Impaired


Mexico City government, through the Instituto del Deporte del Distrito Federal and the respective federations 


The National and International Federations, State Associations, Organizations, Institutions, Public and Private Sports Clubs, as well as general public to participate in the:


“XXXVI Maratón de la Ciudad de México”


  1. Date: Sunday, August 26th, 2017
  1. 2.    Place: Mexico City main roadways, following a 42,195 meters route, certified and homologated by the Federación Mexicana de Asociaciones de Atletismo, A. C. (FMAA), la Asociación Internacional de Maratones (AIMS) and the International Association of Athletism Federation (IAAF).
  2. 3.    Starting point: Avenida Juárez

Finish line:Estadio Olímpico Universitario “Ciudad Universitaria”

Time of salida: 7:00 am

  1. 4.    Requirements:
  • 18 years completed
  • Fill registration form with neat handwriting, including name and signature in accordance with it
  • Domestic runners, pay registration fee
  • Foreign runners, pay registration fee
  • The ELITE foreign runners must present their Federation guarantee and prove their migratory status
  1. 1.    Registration:


  • $650.00 domestic athletes
  • $80 USD foreign athletes

Will be opened as of this convening publication and will be closed on Saturday 26th August at 4:00 pm or until registrations are sold out


5.1 Registration Place and Time:

     At the portal (, Tiendas Martí, Outlet Martí, Pro Shops, Sport City; establishments designed time.

  1. 2.    Gender:

      Female and male

  1. 3.    Divisions:



18 – 34



35 – 39



40 – 44


Veterans II

45 – 49


Veterans III

50 – 54


Veterans IV


- 59

Veterans V


- 64

Veterans VI


- More


Persons with motor disabilities (Wheel chairs)

*Persons with visual disability (Total and partial blindness, and visual impaired)

(T11, T12 y T13)

*Visual disability persons must bring an original medical certificate of total, partial blindness or visual disability endorsed by a Government institution at the package pickup.  ISSSTE,IMSS and Sector Salud. (certificate from any private institution will not be accepted) and must run with a guide and mandatory clear shield.

T11 Athletes B1 Classification.-Persons that don’t perceive the light to those that perceive the light but can’t recognize the shape of a hand at any distance or at any position.

T12 B2 Athletes Classification.-Persons that can recognize the shape of a hand to the one that has a 2/60  visual acuity and a minus 5 degrees angle visual field.

T13 B3 Athletes Classification.- Those having more than 2/60 visual acuity to those with of 6/60 visual acuity and/or minor than 20 degrees angle visual field.  

* ELITE category will be just by invitation or with a maximum quota of 100 athletes per division.  For further information please contact:

  1. 4.    Regulation:

The Federación Mexicana de Asociaciones de Atletismo (FMAA) current regulation

will be applied

  1. 5.    Guidelines:

The Mexico City Marathon is endorsed by the Federación Mexicana de Atletismo (FMAA), the Asociación Internacional de Federaciones de Atletismo (IAAF) and the Asociación Internacional de Maratones y Carreras de Larga Distancia (AIMS).

  • Runner Number: A chip will be assigned and programmed with the participation number which             will be non-transferable.  It must be carried during the race in order to be considered as an        official runner of the race. 

Due to the medical insurance, in case of accident, the runner must be the owner of the number otherwise the expenses will not be covered.

The recovery package (medal, fruit, water, isotonic drink), will be supplied just for runners having the official number.

  • Shirt size: The shirt size request are just for statistic purposes, according to the correspondent block and do not compromise the Organizer Committee to provide the runner with the chosen size.  
  • Runners Starting:  The participants are responsible of arriving to the starting point assigned, regarding the corresponding block accordinghis registration information.  Any participant entering into another place different to the one assigned will be disqualified.
  • Time and Results:  The route will have a time control zone (mat), and will receive the official time certificate just by crossing above them.
  • Non official runners: Not allowed at the race and will be asked to abandon the route.  Any person not having an official registration, entering or being with a participant during the event will be asked to abandon the route immediately.  These nonofficial runners represent responsibility and security problems and affect the quality of service for those who paid for their registration.  Likewise, the participants caught with a false number will be punished and will not be allowed to run in events under the “Maratón Ciudad de Mexico” brand (rumbro races, 21 k and Marathon)
  • It is strictly prohibited to run with  strollers and pets and to enter the Ciudad

Universitaria Stadium with them.

  • Route delimitation: The participants must stay all the time in the route perimeter delimited by fences, signaling and other tagging.  The participants must recognize and understand the event signaling and the symbols used for the race indications and services and follow the authority guidelines. Non compliance willresult in disqualifying.
  • Services:  Services and support are considered to look after the runners during the following 6 hours as of the starting line, for this reason it will not be allowed to run slower than 8.5 minutes per kilometer.  (Service available for runners with official number)  After this time, the runner will be asked to get into the sweeper and will be disqualified.  The official supply zone must be reserved for runners having number.
  • Route monitoring: If there was no complete participation in the whole route or the finish line was not crossed the runner will be disqualified.  The participants with incomplete or irregular tagging in the mats will be reviewed and could be disqualified.  In case the runner has to get out of the route or re-enter, it will only be possible to do it in the same point and will not be allowed to return to the race with the purpose of wining or help another competitor.
  1. 6.    Judges:

Judges will be endorsed by the Federación Mexicana de Asociaciones de Atletismo A.C., using the Electronic Timing System chip, (this system is only for support and don’t determine the winners)

  1. 7.    Awards:


















Bonus (M.N)

Female Division

2h 16´56´

CDMX Route Marathon Record


2h 40´00´

CDMX Route Marathon Record

2h 12´11´

CDMX Route Marathon


2h 37´35´

CDMX Marathon Record

1st Mexican runner arriving within the first 3 absolutes



1st Mexican female runner arriving within the first 3 absolutes



Persons with motor disability (Wheel chair)


Amount (M.N.)







Persons with visual disability (total and partial blindness and visual disability)


Amount (M.N.)









Amount (M.N.)




* The bonus are not accumulative, just one will be submitted according to the marca and to one athlete only

**  Bonus to Mexican runners are accumulative and apply to those runners born in Mexico. 


  1. 1.    The winners of the ten absolute first places of the male and female division within the first places of its category, CAN ONLY RECEIVE ONE PRIZE that will be the one they choose (there is no duplicity of prices). In case the Organizer Committee is not informed, they will give the one with the biggest amount of prizes.
  1. 2.    The category of persons with mobility impairment (Wheelchair) will be rewarded only in its category they don’t belong in the 10 absolute places award.
  1. 3.    The award ceremony will be made in a symbolic way on the event day
  1. 4.    Based on the regulation of the Federación Mexicana de Asociaciones de Atletismo A.C., the 7% will be deducted (Mexican runners) and 14% (foreign runners) from the incentive in cash to be delivered to the Federation and according to the Mexican regulations, the appropriate tax retentions will be made.
  1. 5.    The foreign athletes manager or representative living in Mexico or participating with their federation letter of endorsement, must sign at the pick-up competitor number a commitment letter of their responsibility in informing their constituents in order to claim their prizes stablished by the convening with the following official documentation: original power of attorney signed by the athlete, athlete’s ID copy, original and copy of representative ID
  1. 6.    The athlete must review the absolutes and category results in the Mexico City main newspapers, as well as the website of Mexico City Marathon, Emoción Deportiva and Federación Mexicana de Asociaciones de Atletismo.
  1. 7.    The Organizer Committee reserves the right of making phone calls or send Emails regarding the prize giving, for this reason the runner and representative will be the only responsible for receiving the prize on time and correctly.
  1. 8.    It’s a mandatory requirement to present original and copy of current official ID to get the prizes according to the official notice.
  1. 9.    The Organizer Committee and the Federación Mexicana de Asociaciones de Atletismo (FMAA) reserves the right of practicing doping tests to the runners arriving in the first places of any category and division. 
  1. 10.  The unofficial results will be published from 11:00 am, the athlete will have 30 minutes to express once they have been published, according to the regulation of stablished starting procedures.
  1. 11.  For the athlete’s security, under no circumstance any name changes will be made.
  1. 12.  Number Allocation:

      Number 1 will be given to the absolute winner of the 2018 Edition and the 101 number will       correspond to the female absolute winner of the 2018 Edition, if the runners don’t show up,       THEY WILL NOT BE REASSIGNED

      Numbers will be assigned according to the registration date, the bloques de salida integration    will be according to the estimated time the 42.195 meters are done.  

  1. 13.  The official number, chip and runner package pick-up will be held the following days: Thursday 23th august 2018 from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm, Friday 24th august 2017 from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm and Saturday 25th August 2017 from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm (Place to assign) 
  1. 14.  The Organizer Committee will provide with the following items and services to the runners registered according to this Convocation.
  • Official number
  • Commemorative shirt
  • Runner instruction sheet
  • Medical Service at the starting line – finish line – route
  • Signaling in the route according to the IAAF guidelines
  • Security and monitory during the Marathon route, according to the closing and opening of roadways aprooved by the Secretaría de Seguridad Pública del Distrito Federal.
  • Wardrobe service
  • 16 points of water and isotonic drink supply.

Water in km 2.5, 7.5, 12.5, 17.5, 22.5, 27.5, 32.5 y 37.5

Isotonic drink in km 5, 10,15, 20, 25, 30, 35 y 40

Participation medal for runners that ran the official distance

  • Recovery energysing at the finish line
  • Life insurance covering accidents produced as direct consequence of the event and never as illness related, recklessness, negligence or non-compliance of the laws. (Three hours before the Marathon starting and at 11:59 pm of August 26th, 2016). 
  1. 12.  Trade:

Any promotional activity is forbidden during any of the events related to the Marathon (expo, route, recovering etc.) as well as run with “botargas” or any advertising or promotional action during the route.  The Organizer Committee reserves the right of withdraw any commercial or publicity activity from the route that hasn’t been authorized previously by the Organizer Committee authorities and INDEPORTE.

  1. 13.  Brand Registration:

The graphic image and the Maratón de la Ciudad de México official logo, are trade marks, whoever reproduces or uses them without previous authorization or the Organizer Committee, will be processed by the competent authority.

  1. 14.  Appeals Jury:

Any objections must be presented on time and correctly

The athlete will have 30 minutes to manifest the corresponding objection once the results have been published, and must be made according to the regulation covering the procedure initiation cost as stipulated, being 100 dollars in Mexican peso equivalent.

The objections will be assisted by the Appeals Jury which will be integrated by two member of the organizer committee and a Chief Referee.

  1. 15.  Transitorios:
  1. 1.    Other unplanned aspects in this Convocation will be resolved by the Organizer Committee and its decision will be considered as indisputable.
  1. 2.    Legal note: any other Convocation regarding the “XXXVI Maratón de la Ciudad de México 2018”, without seal and signature of the General Director of the Instituto del Deporte del Distrito Federal will not be effective.  CDMX., 2017





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