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  • Team of 2 - Team of 2
  • Team of 3 - Team of 3
  • Team of 4 - Team of 4


Welcome to the 3rd Humdinger Swim event from the fabulous Tri2O Swim Centre on the outskirts of Reading.
The Humdinger Endurance Swim is very simple - how many 1km laps can you swim in 6 hours? Take on the challenge as a solo swimmer, or as part of a relay team of 2, 3 or 4 people. Relay team swimmers will need to swim 2 laps at a time before handing over to a team mate.

The swim will start at 3pm and the number of completed laps at the chime of 9pm will be recorded. Live updates of progress throughout the swim will be on a big screen at lakeside, and of course, there'll be more than just a swim going on! 

Event details and schedule

The swim will commence at 3pm and the number of completed 1km laps by the chim of 9pm will be counted.

Organised by


The Studio, Butlers Lands Farm, MORTIMER READING

Phone: 01189 332761

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