The Lunatic Triathlon 2018 PRICE

Friday 29th June 2018

Price City Desert Wave Pool/Washington Park: 250 E 500 N, Price, United States

Triathlon, Duathlon, Sprint, 5K


  • The Lunatic Triathlon - Individual Triathlon
  • The Lunatic Triathlon - 2-Person Relay Team
  • The Lunatic Triathlon - 3-Person Relay Team
  • Individual Mini-Sprint Triathlon - Individual Mini-Sprint Triathlon
  • The Loony Uni Triathlon - Individual Unicycle Triathlon
  • The Lunaticus Maximus Triathlon - Individual Lunaticus Maximus
  • The Lunaticus Maximus Triathlon - 2-Person Relay Lunaticus Maximus
  • The Lunaticus Maximus Triathlon - 3-Person Lunaticus Maximus
  • The Lunatic Duathlon - Individual Duathlon
  • The Lunatic 5K Run - Lunatic 5K


Registration is still OPEN, however Race shirts and medals have been ordered. I cannot guarantee a race shirt in the size you are requesting if your registration was taken after June 7th, I will do my best to accomadate your request but the extra shirts ordered will now be distributed first come first serve to late registrants. Sorry for this inconvience. 

Register now for one of the most unique and fun races you'll ever find! Our Triathlon is held at night during the full moon and begins with a 5k run,  followed by a 12 mile bike and then a 300 yard pool swim.  Join in with several hundred athletes as they cover themselves and their bikes with glowsticks and race around town.  This year pick either our Race on June 29th in Price Utah or our race on August 24th in Helper Utah or do both and recieve a discount!

Event details and schedule

8:00 pm   The Kid's Triathlon. For ages 6 to 11 years old. The triathlon begins with a 50 yard swim, then a 1/2 mile bike, followed by a 1/2 mile run. Lifejackets are allowed if your child would like to wear one. Bike Helmets are required. The race will conclude before sunset, so no flashlight or headlight will be needed for the Kid’s Triathlon.

9:15 pm   The Lunaticus Maximus. This race begins with a 200 yard swim in the wave pool... WITH THE WAVES ON! Next bike one mile through town and up "C" Hill to the start of Luke’s Trail, bike three miles of Single Track Trail and then another mile of dirt road for the bike portion. Bicyclewerks will then meet us with their trailer and a water station and shuttle the bikes back down to the transition area so you can begin the four mile run to the finish line. Helmets are Required for the bike portion, as are BOTH Headlamps AND headlights.

10:00 pm   The Lunatic 5K Run Runners will line up with the triathlon and race through the city streets in a runner friendly 5K finishing at the wave pool. Perfect for the athlete who may not care to bike or swim.

10:00 pm   The Mini-Sprint Lunatic. We built this course for the triathlete who is either too old for the Kid’s Triathlon and not yet ready to take on the full Lunatic Triathlon, or for any child looking for a greater challenge than the Kid’s Triathlon offers, but it is open to all ages and we welcome anyone wishing to compete in this shorter event. Participants will begin with a 1.5 mile run, followed by a 6 mile bike course. Participants will finish in the pool with the same 300 yard swim as the rest of the triathletes. Helmets are Required for the bike portion, as well as either a Headlamp or headlight.

10:00 pm   The Lunatic Duathlon. Participants will begin with the triathlon and will run the 5K course and then bike the 12 mile bike course along with The Lunatic Triathlon, but will then end prior to the swim portion. Helmets are Required for the bike portion, as well as either a Headlamp or a headlight.

10:00 pm   The 9th Annual Lunatic Triathlon. Starting off with a 5K run through the streetlight lit streets of Price City, followed by a 12 mile bike ride through Price City and Carbon County Streets, and then finished with a 300 yard swim in the outdoor pool. Helmets are Required for the bike portion, as well as either a Headlamp or headlight.

Organised by

The Lunatic Triathlon

688 N 400 E, Price

Phone: 4356500345

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