The Muddy Bull Run

Saturday 22nd September 2018

Three Gates Farm: Three Gates Farm, Shalfleet, United Kingdom

Mud running


  • Running-10 km - Standard Entry 9.00am wave
  • Running-10 km - Standard Entry 9.30am wave
  • Running-10 km - Standard Entry 10.00am wave
  • Running-10 km - Standard Entry 10.30am wave
  • Running-5 km - Standard Entry 9.15am wave
  • Running-5 km - Standard Entry 9.45am wave
  • Running-5 km - Standard Entry 10.15am wave
  • Running-5 km - Standard Entry 10.45am wave


The 2018 Muddy Bull Run is the first event of its kind on The Isle of Wight. Set in a private grounds of over 400 acres of farm land, the event offers the participants an intense experience of a variety of challenging terrian from flat grassland to dense woodland and of course, glorious mud. 

The course will encompass 6 large 'bull' obstacles to test your nerve as you fight for the prestigous title of Muddy Matador, only awarded to those who succesfully complete the course. You will need to climb, crawl and jump to get yourself through these challenging ostacles. The event promotes team work and it is encouraged that you too offer help to any struggling comrades you pass on route.

Along the way you will also come across a variety of cross countyy obstacles, including log jumps, mud pits and water courses to navigate your way to the Muddy Bull 2018 finish line.

With the option to run either a 5k or a 10k route there is something for everyone. 

Event details and schedule

Saturday 22nd September 2018

First waves start from 9am

Organised by

muddy bull run ltd

136-137 Pyle Street, Newport

Phone: 0000000000

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