• Running-4K - 1 Race (4K) at Jekyll Island
  • Running-4K - 1 Race (4K) Home Run
  • Running-4K - 2 Races (4Ks) at Jekyll Island
  • Running-4K - 2 Races (4Ks) Home Runs
  • Running-4K - 3 Races (4Ks) at Jekyll Island
  • Running-4K - 4 Races (4Ks) at Jekyll Island
  • Running-4K - 6 Races - 4 at Jekyll Island and 2 Home Runs. All 4Ks


2019 Southern Food Series/ Six 4K Races Camp Jekyll, 550 South Beachview Dr., Jekyll Island, GA


Event details and schedule

Support 4-H as you run races at Camp Jekyll. Earn points for six races in three series. Receive a collectable shirt for each pair of races. Enjoy the namesake food served at the end of the races. 

Four races (Shrimp 4K, Grits 4K, Peach Cobbler 4K, and Ice Cream 4K) will be Run on Jekyll Island. Two races (Rock Eagle Toast 4K and Butter 4K) are Home Runs. 

April 6 Shrimp 4K. (5:24 pm)

April 6 Grits 4K (6:14 pm)

April 7 Peach Cobbler 4K (7:34 am)

April 7 Ice Cream 4K (8:24 am)

April 8-11 Rock Eagle Toast 4K (on your own)

April 8-11 Butter 4K (on your own) 

Three Shirts: Shrimp and Grits, Peach Cobbler and Ice Cream, Rock Eagle Toast and Butter. Highest quality, soft, collectable shirts. 

Registration due 3/22/19 to be assured of shirt(s). Race day registration accepted. Shirts available while supplies last. Race Day Registration is $30 for one race. $48 for two races. $74 for four races. $84 for all six races. 

Organised by

Georgia 4-H Foundation

Hoke Smith Annex, UGA, Athens

Phone: 7065423390

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