TI Swim Class - Make Up & Maintenance Session (Groups 1 & 2)

Sunday 17th December 2017

Power Center Physical Therapy , Aquatics and Wellness: 17270 Bear Valley Rd, Victorville, United States



  • Clinic/camp-One-day - Individual Age group/open
  • Clinic/camp-One-day - Individual Age group/open


Clinic Summary:

The class is sectioned into three session, each having 4-5 specific lessons.  You should attend the session in sequence and leave several weeks in between sessions to master the lessons before progressing to the next session.  Each session includes 30 minutes of lecture followed by two hours of lesson (with breaks). We’ll end last hour of the each session with video and feedback.  Depending on how you progress through the sessions, you may need an additional session to complete all the lessons Class size is limited to 10 to provide everyone adequate attention.

Event details and schedule

Clinic Description:

All sessions begin at 12:00 PM.

Session #1 focuses on balance

Balance in the water

Body Position

Head Position

Arm Position

Introduction to Rotation


Session #2

Review Session #2 Drills

Rotation Continued

Begin Recovery




Session #3

Review Session #2

Finish Recovery



Putting it all together


Maintenance and Make Up:

Periodically, we’ll hold maintenance and make up sessions for those who were unable to attend prior sessions or need help to fine tuning a specific drill.  Fees from missed session cannot be transferred or applied to the maintenance and make up sessions.


Please bring the following:

Swim Suit



Change of clothes

Organised by

Tony Troccoli

13516 Brittle Brush Ct, Rancho Cucamonga

Phone: 909-472-5261

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