• Tinman 70 - Tinman 70
  • Tinman 70 Relay - Tinman 70 Relay
  • Tinman 70 Aquabike - Tinman 70 Aquabike
  • Topeka Tinman Long Course - Individual Age Group
  • Topeka Tinman Athena/Clydesdale Long Course - Athena/Clydesdale Long Course
  • Topeka Tinman Short Course - Individual Age Group
  • Topeka Tinman Athena/Clydesdale Short Course - Athena/Clydesdale Short Course


2017 will mark the 37th year of the Topeka Tinman Triathlon, one of the longest running and historically, most popular events in the Midwest. The 2017 event will feature both short and long course triathlons. Come help us celebrate 36 years of tradition!  

The 2017 event will feature both short and long course triathlons.

Event Distances:

• Long Course Triathlon = 1000-Meter Swim - 19-Mile Bike - 7-Mile Run

• Short Course Triathlon = 400-Meter Swim - 13-Mile Bike - 3.1-Mile Run 

Event details and schedule


SWIM:  Athletes will enter from the Beach and will follow a counter clockwise pattern for the swim course keeping the buoys on their left.  Swimmers in the TINMAN LONG COURSE race will swim 1000 meters. Short Course athletes will complete a 400 meters course.  

BIKE:  Athletes will be challenged by the rolling terrain of Southeastern Shawnee County.  Athletes can expect beautiful countryside views and a tailwind on their way back into transition.  No aid stations are provided on the bike course.  Please plan accordingly.

RUN:  Athletes will run counterclockwise around the lake on the paved running path.  Aid stations will be located every mile along each of the courses.    The run course is moderately flat with some slight climbs giving beautiful views of Lake Shawnee.  


  • Awards will be presented to the Top Overall Male & Top Overall Female Champions in both races

  • Awards will be presented to the Top Three males and Top Three Females in each age group in all races.

  • All races will receive Finisher Medals!



  • Free Post-Race beer provided

  • Professional Race Announcer  

  • Post Race Food!

  • Topeka Tinman Race shirt and custom awards



Male & Female Age Groups: 5-Year Increments:

15-19, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65+

*Specific Race Director permission is required for all entrants under 15 years old. (Only allowed in the SPRINT Race)



Please follow parking attendants on race morning and only park in designated areas.



Transponders are non-transferable! Be careful not to switch your timing chip with other participants. The timing chip must be worn on your ankle at all times or you will not be scored in the event. If you wear it on your wrist, on your bike, in your pocket, etc., you will not be scored. Your timing chip will be removed by volunteers once you have crossed the finish line. Be sure your chip is turned in at that time or at some point before you leave the race. Failure to return a chip will result in a $125 replacement fee charge.



Due to the number of race transfer requests and cancellations that occur in the weeks prior to a race we have adopted the following policy that is in accordance with USAT Policy.

Refunds will NOT be issued after a registration has taken place. Considerable effort goes into producing an event such as a triathlon and funds are expended and applied in good faith based on a registration.

If you would like to change your registration from one distance to another, you will be charged for the difference in price at the time of the change. If you would like to change your registration from the International distance to the Sprint distance, you will not be refunded the difference in price.



In the event of inclement weather, the event will be postponed as long as possible in hopes the inclement weather will pass. No refunds or transfers will be issued if the event is canceled due to inclement weather.



The 2018 Topeka Tinman Triathlon is sanctioned with USA Triathlon. USA Triathlon competition rules will apply. The complete list of rules can be found at the official USAT WEBSITE.

Each participant will need to either be an Annual USAT Member ($50) or purchase a single-event membership ($15) prior to the race. You may do so on-line or at the race site.



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