Ultimate Cycling Vacation 2018

Saturday 18th August 2018

CycleADK 2018: Sacandaga River Community Park, Speculator, United States



  • The Ultimate Cycling Vacation 2018 - CycleADK 2018 - Adult Registration
  • The Ultimate Cycling Vacation 2018 - CycleADK 2018 - Youth Registration
  • Adventure-6 Days - Non-Cyclist


We have a simple goal for Cycle Adirondacks: We're going to make it the best-run, most amenity-rich, all-inclusive, fun and relaxing large bike tour you'll ever experience. Immerse yourself in three days, four days or an entire week of pedaling bliss.

We guarantee you'll enjoy the breathtaking scenery, the welcoming communities and, most of all, the unparalleled amenities we provide. We tell people Cycle Adirondacks is like an all-inclusive resort that moves every day – you just have to pedal for a few hours to catch up to it.

You know when you visit someplace amazing and you come away saying, "Wow, they thought of everything"? That's our event...The Ultimate Cycling Vacation!

Event details and schedule

Please visit www.CycleAdirondacks.com for all the details!

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Cycle Adirondacks

8 Cleveland Place, Clinton

Phone: 315-525-9554

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