• Running-Multiple - All 3 races - Athos 5K, Porthos 5K, Aramis 10.16K
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October 1 - October 6, 2018-ANYTIME YOU WISH

3 Races (Athos 5k, Porthos 5k, and Aramis 10.16k Run)

A Keel and Ryles CG Race

Event details and schedule

Where: The two 5K’s and the one 10.16K races may be run anywhere you wish to run them. The distance for each 5K race must be at least 3.1 miles. The distance for the 10.16K must be at least 6.3 miles. You must run the entire distance per race in a single run just as if you were at an event. If you feel compelled to be challenged, run uphill. Treadmills are not allowed. There are three races available. Use the same course multiple times and get your own private PR or choose three different courses. Perhaps put out cones and a banner at your finish line.

When: The races will be at any time you wish as long as they are run October 1-6.

Awards: Give yourself something nice when you finish. Invite the neighbors over to applaud your effort. Invite the press. Set out bananas, cookies, and sports drinks at the finish line. Do be sure to post photos on Facebook. Points submitted to Clover Glove, Black Bag and Run & See Grand Prix series. Run all 3 and get 3X BB points, quadruple CG and Run/See points.1 cotton T-shirt per runner. Your location of run will be listed on the back of the shirt.

Placing and process: Preregister, complete 1-3 races & submit certified times by mail delivery, hand delivery or email to Roger Keel no later than Wed. 10/10 to be eligible for placing & points. Results will be posted at Running in the USA and several other places. The information sent to should include: Name of race (there are three of them), Name, Age, Gender, Clock Time, Location. Understand we know how fast many of you are.

Fees: PREREGISTRATION ONLY- $20 pre-registration for one race, $34 for two races, $44 for three races (postmarked or delivered no later than September 21). Proceeds will go to the Georgia 4-H Foundation, a charitable 501(c)3 organization. 

Organised by

Georgia 4-H Foundation

Hoke Smith Annex, UGA, Athens

Phone: 7065423390

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