Valhalla Up North 2018

Saturday 13th October 2018

Delamere Forest Park: Delamere, Cheshire, United Kingdom

Distance running



If taking on the full might of the devil’s wrath in HellRunner is a bit too far, a bit too mucky and a bit too much to consider, we’ve got the perfect solution. Valhalla.

We’ll take you half way to hell (well, not really)

At approximately 6.66km in length you might think you’ve got the devil’s number. But we’ll still give you a little taste of Hell all right.

Off road and off-piste you’ll go but not without the iconic experience and memorable finish to your journey offered up by the legendary Bog of Doom.

A rewarding experience in every way as you’ll be greeted at the finish line with a special Valhalla tee shirt and medal, along with our de- luxe goody bag, regarded by many as the best in the business.

They say a little bit of what you fancy does you no harm. Hell, yes!

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Phone: 01457 855425

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