Vault Opening 2018

Thursday 1st November 2018

Virtual Run - Run Where You Want: Virtual Run - You Choose the Location, Run in the City of Your Choice, United States

Other endurance, Running, Distance running, 5K


  • Baker Street Bound - Baker Street Bound 22.1 K
  • Gamer Dash Series - Retro Gamer Dash 2015 - 5K Virtual Runner
  • Gamer Dash Series - Shiny Controller Gamer Dash 2017 - 5K Virtual Run
  • The Hobbit Hustle - Hobbit Hustle 2016 - Virtual 5K
  • I Race to Misbehave - I Race to Misbehave
  • The Potter Run Series - Potter Run 2015 - Red
  • The Potter Run Series - Potter Run 2016 - Blue
  • The Potter Run Series - Potter Run 2017 - Yellow
  • The Potter Run Series - Potter Run 2018 - Green
  • The Potter Run Series - Potter Run 2014 - Broom Flyer
  • Race to the Future - Race to the Future - Virtual 0 - 88 Miler
  • Time Lord Run - Time Lord Run 2015 - Virtual 5K
  • TMNT - Geekiest Glow Run - Geekiest Glow Run 2017 - Virtual 5K run
  • The Trekkie Trek - Trekkie Trek 2016 - Virtual 5K
  • Unofficial Star Wars Series - Runner Awakens 2017- Virtual 5K
  • Unofficial Star Wars Series - May the Fourth Be With You 2015 Yoda Head - Virtual 5K
  • Winchesters 67K - Winchesters 67K


The Vault is Open...

Missed any Geek'd Out Running Club race in the past 6 years? No worries, we've been in contact with Gallifrey, Doc Brown and other great Time Travelers to give you another chance.This means you can still get the awesome bling! 

No t-shirts for The Vault event. Also, please register for the actual event when possible as the medals cost less in large bulk and thus make more money for the partnering charities. 

Don't miss this last chance, as the quantum opening will close forever and these medals will be time locked! Letsa Go! Allonsy! Great Scott! Geronimo! Cowabunga!!!!

Event details and schedule

This event is a Virtual Run model only. There is not an actual live race. All medals will be shipped to your address so please be sure that the address is correct. You are welcome to customize your free downloadable race bib for the races you are participating in here:

Races currently open in the Vault:

  • Potter Run Series - the entire collection is available but you will need to order for them separately
  • Gamer Dash Series
  • Unofficial Star Wars Series
  • Trekkie Trek
  • Hobbit Hustle
  • Race to the Future
  • Time Lord Run
  • Baker Street Bound
  • Winchesters 67K
  • I Race to Misbehave

Registration will close Nov. 10. Medals will be sent out as they become available after that date. Time Travel can be hard to predict. Its too wibbledy wobbley...

Organised by

Geek'd Out Events

6701 S Cody Ln, West Jordan

Phone: 801-916-8805

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