West Pennines Double Marathon Challenge

Saturday 10th March 2018

Olde English Kiosk: Sunnyhurst Woods, Darwen, United Kingdom

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For the more serious trail runners!

If you hunger for something a little more challenging, then how about taking on 2 trail marathons across the west pennines in 2 days!

Can your legs handle 2 different but equally challenging marathon distance routes?

Both marathons start and end in Sunnyhurst Woods, Darwen, however, each route is very different.. One heading towards Rivington and the other towards Holcombe!

We guarantee you will be tested! BUT... We have some serious bling for your efforts! Plus, there is a bar, right there at the finish line and hot food laid on, plus fully loaded check points! 

2017 Double Marathon challenge was ahuge success and we are super excited to be back again in 2018! 

Event details and schedule


Parking is minimal within Sunnyhurst woods, however, there is plenty of parking along Earnsdale road, next to the woods.  Please be at the startline at 8.45am for a race brief on both days.



Registration will take place at The Olde English Kiosk.  There will also be a bag drop available at this location free of charge.  Registration will be open from 7am. 


Of course! And a hot stew at the end too! 



There will be a medical presence located at the start line and on the route.  If there is an emergency situation with a runner on the fells, Bolton Mountain Rescue  are on standby to extract. 


Trail or Fell Trainers are an absolute must for this event. 


Runners are permitted to listen to music but we ask you only have 1 earbud in so you are able to hear any instructions ffrom marshaling staff. 



There will be acheck points around the route loaded with various foods and water and energy drinks.  There will be a hot meal at the finish line after your race.  There is also a licenced bar that will be open!  We hope you stay and have a drink with us afterwards! 



There are toilets near to the startline and you may change in the Kiosk. 


Unfortunately we do not offer refunds however, runners may transfer there number to someone else upto. 

Organised by

Wolf Pack Challenges Ltd

1 Locker Ave, Warrington, Warrington

Phone: 07809 130014

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