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  • Maratona-Atleti Italiani e Stranieri Tesserati, residenti e non residenti in Italia- Italian and foreign athletes with membership card (resident and non resident in Italy) - Maratona
  • Atleti Italiani e Stranieri non Tesserati (incluso Runcard)- Italian and foreign athletes without membership card (included Runcard) - Individuale Fascia di età/aperto
  • Mezza maratona-Atleti Italiani e Stranieri Tesserati, residenti e non residenti in Italia- Italian and foreign athletes with membership card (resident and non resident in Italy) - Individuale Fascia di età/aperto
  • Mezza Maratona - Atleti Italiani e Stranieri non Tesserati (incluso Runcard)- Italian and foreign athletes without membership card (included Runcard) - Individuale Fascia di età/aperto


Event details and schedule

XXIII “La Maratona Città di Palermo 19 Novembre 2017”

REGISTRATION is allowed to:

A)    Foreign athletes who are members of Foreign Associations affiliated to IAAF. It is required to send a copy of their own membership card (Download here the declaration)

B)    All Italian and foreign athletes who hold Runcard Fidal. It is required a copy of a medical certificate for competitive athletics

C)    Athletes with no membership card: Foreign athletes with no membership card could subscribe RUNCARD through our association, attaching medical certificate valid in Italy on the date of the event and according to the italian legislation to perform racing activities (ECG at rest and after exercise, urine test, spirometry)

    RUNCARD will be sent by email.

D)    Athletes must be at least 20 years old to run the competition.

E)     NON RESIDENT ATHLETES must submit  medical certificate as the medical form downloadable Downloading here  from the site www.palermomaratona.it. It could be sent by email to: sicilia@mysdam.it.

No other titles will be allowed


F)     It is not allowed to partecipate only with medical certificate

 Athlete have to show a copy of the original documentation when pick up the bib number

 The race starts at 9 a.m. by the Athletic stadium VITO SCHIFANI


The maximum time to finish the Marathon is fixed in 6 hours; for half marathon is fixed in 3 hours.


 Registration forms that are not duly filled or lack membership card and payment receipt will not be accepted 

Registration fees

From 15/02

from 15/06

from 15/09

from 30/10


Athletes with membership card (resident and non resident in Italy)






Athletes with no membership card (resident and non resident in Italy) *





Half Marathon

 Athletes with membership card (resident and non resident in Italy)





Half Marathon

Athletes with no membership card (resident and non resident in Italy) *





* Including RunCard


Registration forms must be received no later than the 12 of November 2017 ( payment receipt and modalities indicated) to the following e-mail address: sicilia@mysdam.it

Free Registration for athletes who have run all the twenty-two  Palermo Marathon editions.

Free Registration for disabled athletes

Once occurred registration, fees are non-refundable. In case the athletes cannot partecipate to the race, they can transfer their registration to next year, 18th of november 2018



A)    Credit card through active.com

B)    Bank transfer to: Associazione Media@
        IBAN: IT 27 T02008 04696  000104180060
        SWIFT Code: UNCRITM1I53

 The date of payment will be valid for registration fee.


 Athletes have to pick up bib number and race packet at the Marathon Expo on Friday 17th november (4.00 p.m. to 7.30 p.m.); on Saturday 18th november from 9.30 a.m. to 7.30 p.m.  at the Athletic Stadium Vito Schifani, in Viale del Fante, n°23, in Palermo.

Athletes cannot pick up Bib Numbers on race day.

 SERVICES included

Medical assistance, t-shirt DIADORA, bib number and pins, refreshments and sponging along the route and on arrival, time keeping with chip, showers, toilets, locker rooms, massages, Insurance, luggage storage, medal, awards as rules, route closed to traffic.


The organization will provide qualified race assistants who will run as following:

in 3h00’, 3h30’, 3h45’, 4h00’,4h30’


The first three atletes in each category will be awarded.

The awards ceremony will be at the end of the race


Along the course refreshment and sponging points will be provided.

Final refreshment will be available at the arrival. In case of particular cold and rainy day, sponging points could not be available.

All classified athletes will receive a commemorative medal, after delivering the chip.


Medical assistance will be guaranteed  along the course and physical therapists will be available for sport massages.

Athletes who withdrawn from the race should reach one of the refreshing points along the route


By signing the registration form, the athlete declares to be aware of and to accept the Regulations of the XXIII Palermo Marathon, as published on its website www.palermomaratona.it and to be 20 years of age by the 19 of November 2017. The athlete furthermore expressly states under her/his responsibility, not only to have declared the truth (Article 2, law 04/01/1968 N° 15, modified by Article 3 comma 10 law 15/05/1997N° 127) but also to exonerate the Organizers of all responsibility, both civil and penal, for injury to persons or damage to things caused by or to her/him . - Final warning - The Organization of the Palermo Marathon reserves the right to modify the present regulations at any moment in order to guarantee an optimum organization of the race. Any possible modifications regarding services, places and times will be properly communicated to enrolled athletes via confirmation email or will be consultable on the website www.palermomaratona.it. It is forbidden to change the bib number, to cut or hide the advertising brands

Athletes who will be accompanied by bicycles or by athletes without bib number  will not be classified

Athletes must wear electronic chip and deliver them on arrival after the race, or they will be disqualified and fined of €20.

In accordance with D.Lgs n° 196 of 30/06/03, all personal data will be used only for the list of the partecipants to the race.

Race judges may disqualify athletes that do not pass through the regular checkpoints set up along the race course.

The Organising Committee reserves the right to vary any clause stipulated in the current Rules and Regulations for reasons of force majeure.

 Athlete reads and accepts  the Privacy Terms and authorize the Organization to use his/her personal data.


In the case the race is canceled due to reasons which are not connected to the Organizing Committee, including withdrawal of authorization by Competent Public Authorities, the registered athlete will have nothing to expect from the ASD Media@ - Maratona Città di Palermo, neither for the amount paid nor reimbursement of any expenses incurred.

By signing the race registration form, the athlete waives any claim for damages and/or indemnification and any   reimbursement, and/or compensation claim with regard to any current and future financial loss.


As a registered participant in the “XXIII Maratona Città di Palermo”, each athlete authorizes the Organizing Committee and his partner to use fixed and moving images taken of him/her during the race free of charge. Authorization may be used all over the world and included in promotional and advertising materials, video and publications, as provided by law, and including extension.



Any complaints must be submitted to the Organizing Committee by the 19th of November 2017, paying a €50,00  tax that will be held if the complaint will not be accepted.


Any Athlete involved in the race without a bib number  will be held responsible for all damages occurred to objects and people including his/herself. He/she will be subject to sporting  sanctions to be determined by federation authorities and it may be liable in penal sanctions as in case of theft (art. 624 criminal code).

Any Athlete involved in the race wearing a counterfeit or irregular bib  will beheld responsible as mentioned above and will be subject to sporting sanctions and may be liable in penal sanctions as in case of theft (art.624 criminal code) or crime of fraud (art. 640 criminal code). As mentioned above partecipants may be subject to the penalties for the offence of  “non compliance of rules imposed by Authorities” (a.rt. 650 criminal code).

It is forbidden to shorten the course and/or take shortcuts otherwise athlete will be disqualified and will be responsible for any damage caused to third parties



Athlete hereby declares that he/she knows and accept all the risks arising from the partecipation to the race as falls, contacts to vehicles / other partecipants /audience / bad weather conditions / road conditions and other risks. Athlete exempts the committee organizer from any liability for any damage or harm resulting from partecipation to the event.

A.S.D. Media@ disclaims any liability for any damage to things or people during the race. The event will be ensured according to the rules in force. The Organizing Committee reserves  the right to vary any clause stipulated in the current Regulation at any time for reasons of force majeure.


A.S.D. Media@- La Maratona della Città di Palermo 

Via Faggio 73-90044 Carini Palermo-

Segreteria Organizzativa c/o “Centro Pallone Stampa” Viale del Fante,9/c - Palermo

Tel.0039 - 373 5336815 - 3929886742 - Email info@palermomaratona.it.

Organised by


Viale del fante 23, Palermo

Phone: 00393929886742

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