• 25 mile Canoe or Kayak individual - Individual Age group/open
  • 25 Mile Tandem - Tandem Kayak or Canoe open



May 5th 2018 The Youghness Monster 25 is a 25 mile canoe & kayak race from Connellesville - West Newton, PA on the Youghiogheny River.

The Course

The race is on a very scenic section of the Youghiogheny River that is class 1 & 2. There are some fun rapids. At the perfect water level that we expect this time of the year you can use any type of canoe or kayak. 

Race Classes

There will be kayak & canoe classes.

Awards to the top 3 in each class 

Also awards to the top 3 fastest time in singles overall   


Canoe Classes  


Adult/Youth Tandem canoe any size & any plastic or metal – 12yrs old or under w/adult in the same boat  

Tandem Canoe Men’s Short Rec 17’6” or under (plastic or aluminum only) 

Tandem Canoe Mixed (coed) any type (no pro boats or cruisers)  

Tandem Canoe Women’s any type (no pro boats)  

Canoe Solo Rec no Kevlar or carbon___Men __Women  

Solo Racing Canoe __Men__Women

Tandem Racing Canoe pro boats, cruisers, etc.  

Long Rec/Stock Tandem Canoe Men’s over 17’6” any material (no pro boats, cruisers)   




Adult/Youth Tandem kayak – 12yrs old or under w/adult in the same boat  

Tandem Kayak mixed, open class plastic  

Tandem Kayak mixed, open class any size/material  

Tandem Kayak Men, open class any size/material  

Tandem Kayak Women open class any size/material  

Youth/ Kayak (age 12-16) any type kayak   __Male__Female 

Kayak Short Rec 12’ to 14’ plastic only ___Men ___Women  

Touring Kayak (plastic over 14’) ___Men ___Women  

Touring Kayak Composite must be a touring kayak ___Men ___Women  

Surfski open class ___Men ___Women Awards to the top ten Men and Women  

Event details and schedule

At day of registration you will be asked to complete a release and add what class you will race in.

Organised by

Laurel Hill Adventure Race

1454 Laurel Hill Park Road, Somerset

Phone: 724-987-3597