• Running-4K - 6:00 PM WAVE
  • Running-4K - 6:10 PM WAVE
  • Running-4K - 6:20 PM WAVE
  • Running-4K - 6:30 PM WAVE
  • Running-4K - 6:40 PM WAVE
  • Running-4K - 6:50 PM WAVE
  • Running-4K - 7:00 PM WAVE
  • Running-4K - 7:10 PM WAVE
  • Running-4K - 7:20 PM WAVE
  • Running-4K - 7:30 PM WAVE
  • Running-4K - 7:40 PM WAVE
  • Running-4K - 7:50 PM WAVE
  • Running-4K - 8:00 PM Wave
  • Running-4K - 8:10 PM WAVE
  • Running-4K - 8:20 PM WAVE
  • Running-4K - 8:30 PM WAVE
  • Running-4K - 8:40 PM WAVE
  • Running-4K - 8:50 PM WAVE


Only event of its kind around! This combines ZOMBIES, PAINTBALL, and OBSTACLES, all in one!

Make it from Base A to Base B, retrieving the antidote, going through obstacles, running from zombies, and shooting zombies with paintball guns! Our paintball guns are NOT mounted, so you have free range to run around and shoot zombies as you wish! This event is in the evening and at night!

Onsite activities for spectators and participants includes:

  • Live Zombie Target Range

- $10/100 rounds

  • Night Zip Lining

- 50 feet high and 600 feet long

Event details and schedule

  • Waves will be let off every 10 minutes from 5 pm - 10 pm.


  • This is a 5K run that includes 15 obstacles, 3 zombie paintball shooting areas, 3 zombie infected chase areas, water stations, and challenge Health areas to gain back lives. You will wear a flag football belt to resemble "Lives". If too many are taken it means you were in too much contact with zombies and your antidote is no longer valid.


  • Please arrive atleast 30 minutes before your start time to insure you make your wave time.


  • Parking is $5 onsite/car, or $4 online registration. We will varify if you paid online or not. REMEMBER this is "Per Car" NOT Person. Talk with your group and plan on car pooling.


  • Waivers are done online and onsite. We will provide them to avoid complications.


  • Bring a pair of clothes to change into. It WILL be muddy! October weather is unpredictable, so prepare for inclimate weather. There will be a bondfire at the end to get warm. Bring a pag to put in bag check. Bag check is FREE of charge.


  • Dress in layers. October has unpredictable weather. Wear something you do not mind getting muddy.


  • There is an after party area with food and beverages. Beer (21+). Bond fire and music! Area for pictures.


  • Zip lining and Live Zombie Paintball Shooting Range available for extra purchase.



Organised by

Huff and Puff Racing Inc.

115 Inwood Blvd, Avon Lake

Phone: (440) 787-6146

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