• Zombie Rush - Individual
  • Group - 2 Person Team
  • Group - 4 Person Team
  • Group - 6 Person Team


***Come Out and Support The US AIr Force *** 

Zombie Rush is coming to Hampton, VA!

Join us for a day of Fun, Fitness & Friendly competition.

Aaahhhh...Zombies have taken over the city!

They’ll do whatever it takes to chase you down and grab your life lines (flags). 


There will be a Rush of Zombies at several site locations on the route. Their job is to try eat you — but really to take your life lines on your flag belt. Your mission is to avoid the Zombies at all costs to keep your life lines safe, all while picking up 5 different items at each zombie location that will be located on your Zombie Rush Hunt sheet.

The use of your intact brains and strategy will determine wether you make it to the FINISH LINE “alive” with at least ONE LIFE LINE INTACT or "undead" with ZERO LIFE LINES. Even if you lose all your life lines, finsh the run, as you will still receive a "contaminated" shirt. This means the zombies have successfully revoloutionized you into the "undead" world.

**Form a team to increase your chances of immortality, as only one team member needs to cross the finish line with ONE life line for all members to receive a "Survivor" shirt***


What you get-

Boasting rights of "survivor" or concealment of being "contaminated"

Zombie Rush "Survivor" Shirt or Zombie Rush "contaminated" shirt

Life line belt

Zombie Rush Hunt sheet

Entrance to Hampton's Halloween Block party- Music, food vendors and games.


You can run, walk or even jog your way through this event. Grab your ticket to this fun and exciting event today!

Event details and schedule

Check in starts at 4pm Ends at 6:45pm.

Event is from 5-8pm. The earlier you arrive the longer you have at the block party.

Allow your team enough time to find parking and to check in.

We will be sending team/ particpants out in waves. The last wave will be at 7pm Sharp!

Please wear comfortable shoes as you will be walking/running from Zombies!

Bring your ID for check in and cash if you want to purachase any additional Zombie Rush goodies. ID will be required if you plan on purchasing alcohol at the block party.


Organised by

Special Event Services

77 Homestead Circle, Marlboro

Phone: 623-688-2013

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