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Novice Tour ITT

Novice tour stage 1 (1 Lap)

Novice Tour Stage 1 (2 Laps)

Novice Tour Stage 1 (3 Laps)

Novice tour stage 3 (1 Lap)

Novice Tour Stage 3 (2 Laps)

Novice tour stage 3 (3Laps)


Bike Manawatu 'Novice Tour of Manawatu' is one of the best junior tours in New Zealand and last weekend brought the best riders together from all over New Zealand to compete in our tough four stage tour. Over 125 riders plus their supporters travelled from as far as Christchurch and Auckland and enjoyed a proper tour. They had to endure challenging sunny breezy conditions along with challenging courses in all age group competitions that put them to the test. And a test it was. This iconic 44-year-old tour did not disappoint highlighting all the emotions of racing. Highly competitive race tactics and exciting finishes, pain, joy and the usual disappointment that comes with racing or mechanicals. Bike Manawatu Race Organisers Mike and Tim Lloyd and there organising committee worked tirelessly in pre-planning the tour and on the day produced an energy sapping near seamless event for the riders and supporters they can be proud of. To those volunteers, club members and wider community people who gave their time up to help make this tour a success, the club really thank you and appreciate your involvement. We needed your help and you stood up. Mike Craine has stated without you it would simply not be possible to run a proud event like this

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