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Please support Mapometer - Colin - 19 Mar 2018

Given the general decline in advertising revenues online, as well as the widespread use of ad blockers, it is increasingly difficult for online applications to operate from advertising revenues alone.

So if you find Mapometer useful, please consider subscribing to help fund the running and on-going development of the site.  Subscriptions cost from just £8 / 9 Euros / $10 per year and really do help fill the advertising shortfall. 

Subscribers are rewarded with an ad-free experience on the site and additional features.

RE: Please support Mapometer - ohbodder - 10 Oct 2018

If I do support Mapometer with £££ how likely is it that you will sort out the problems with the app.  Don't really want to be spending money on something I can't use.

I haven't been able to use the app successfully for a couple of years due to various problems.

If you could reset the website and app to how they were 2-3 years ago then I would be throwing money at you, when I first discovered Mapometer both worked perfectly, I used them all the time, these days I just just the website to check a rough route, and never use the app (even though I'd like to).