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My routes list public - IndigoDaisies - 13 Jul 2018

Is it possible to make the list of all public my routes under Accounts > My routes a public view?
I want to create an account for my running club and list all our common club run routes and would like to be able to have a url I can share.
Hope this makes sense.

RE: My routes list public - Colin - 17 Jul 2018

That's a good idea, but really needs to be part of a larger feature set specifically for clubs.
We are looking into providing club accounts with additional features.

It would be helpful for us to hear what other features you'd find useful in a club account.

RE: My routes list public - IndigoDaisies - 30 Jul 2018

Hi Colin
Apologies for my delayed response. Club accounts would be a fantastic feature. To be able to share routes with out members. Would be great to be able to label them as different types such as: Race, Member event, social run, training sessions etc.

Would also be good to be able to overlay routes to demonstrate how a running sessions could be made slightly longer or shorter to accommodate different running abilities.

Perhaps have a calendar feature so that different routes could be applied to different days.

Hope this helps and if I think of anything else I will of course let you know.
Best wishes

RE: My routes list public - Colin - 31 Jul 2018

Thanks for feedback - very useful.

We're still dealing with the aftermath of the Map API switch-over - so don't hold your breath for any club related changes.
It is something we are looking at, but probably in the medium term.