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multiple entries just disappeared - jedbaxter - 08 Aug 2018

I came back from logging a run. Finished and saved it from the Android app and went to comapre it to previous runs and found all my runs had gone! only one old cycle activity left!

I did not delete them.  What can I do... I am beginning to distrust this app.

RE: multiple entries just disappeared - jneaum - 23 Apr 2020

Similar just happened to me. Returned from a bike ride using the Android APP to record it. Saved and checked that it looked OK in the Training Log in the APP. Then went to Settings>Sync>SyncNow.

The activity disappeared from the training log in the APP and did not appear on the Website.

This is the first time I've used the record function.

Please can anyone advise?

Many thanks

Julian Neaum