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Sharing routes logged in as me - Michael Keel - 29 Mar 2019

Hi all,

I'd like to share some of my routes on my website. However whenever the end user clicks the link, they do not see my preferences for routes, i.e. whenever I login, my routes are configured as such: Line colour = Green, Show direction indicators = White. Is there a way I can encrypt my login details within the URL I share? An example is the following link:, when they click the button for 'Day 1 Map', they get the default line colours. Because I'm mapping a cycle route, all cycle maps including my route appear in Red and it's hard for the end user to distinguish what my route it.

Hope this makes sense!


Actually I think I may have found the only way. If I save my route with a different overlay other than cycling map, the end user will see my route more clearly. Smile